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How to convince your boss that bringing your dog to work is an idea worthy of the Nobel Prize*

Communication for the win

I don't know of a single workplace that can boast "perfect communication". As an employer myself, I know without a doubt that getting my employees to communicate more effectively, more competently and more thoroughly, is at the very top of my "must achieve" list. Because dogs act as a natural social aid they will increase the social connections in the workplace and by default encourage conversations between colleagues and clients alike. There haven't been as many studies completed on this particular theory, but we can all do quick math. You are way more likely to engage with someone with a pupper than you would be if they left hypothetical pupper at home.

Swap the pills for pets

It's not a new discovery that petting a dog is the greatest achievement you'll reach on any given day. But thanks to various scientific studies, petting a dog (even if it's not your own) has been proven relieve stress, but also (!!!), just 10 minutes has shown that the brain starts to actually release Oxycontin. Guys this is the hormone that almost literally beats up cortisol (a stress hormone). Did anyone else just imagine a pupper dressed up as a super hero having an epic battle with some gray, overweight mess of stress? No? Just me? Ok, moving on...

Longer hours

I'm not here to put words/ideas in your head... but for me, a typical work day consists of roughly the following thoughts, in roughly the following order. Did Humphrey finally catch the bee he has been hunting for the last two weeks? Has Aldo drank enough water now that the days are warmer? Do dogs think in black and white? Are serial killers missing the dog loving gene and that's why they are the way they are?** Did I call Mr Griffiths and confirm his deep detail for next week? I can't wait to do the happy dance with my dogs when I get home tonight. Obviously it doesn't take a genius to figure out I spend at least 6 of my 8 hour work day thinking about dogs. Here's where bringing your dog to work not only helps to keep you present; but also, you'll be more likely to put in additional time cause fluffy is there doing hard time with you!!

Pure, unadulterated, happiness

If your heart doesn't swell to the point of almost bursting open with all love you have for your doggo friends; then either you're lying to yourself or see my notes above (and below) about serial killers***. All the studies have said the same thing; the bond we have with our dogs (they actually say pets, but we all know they mean dogs) help us maintain a more optimistic perspective on day to day life. Guys, science said it so it's true! But I reckon my dude Charles Yu said it best "if I could be half the person my dog is, I'd be twice the human I am." You and I both know, we are guaranteed to be smiles all round with a pup at our feet.****

Dogs in the workplace are they future my friends; better communication, less stress, more efficiency and happiness. I would also suggest that if you do intend to approach your boss with this idea that you do a little research and write up a draft "Pet Policy". Not only will your employer take your idea a little more seriously, but it hopefully show that you are serious about the reasoning behind wanting to bring your furbby to work.

In summation; Dogs = good.

* results not guaranteed.

** your boss may be a serial killer if he says no after all these amazing facts

*** you may be a serial killer

**** reading between the lines; less likely to have a mental breakdown

Picture of my two fluffs, cause well I wrote this whole post with them in mind.

Don't forget to let me know if you have any luck with this how to! I love hearing from you all!

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