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5 Things to consider when buying a new car

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Unless you're as loaded as Jeff Bezos (seriously, google how much this dude is worth), you'll probably be driving this car for the next three to five years. With more vehicles on the Australian market than ever before, how do you narrow the choice down to just one?

1. Servicing

You've ran the figures and you can totally afford the repayments on a C-Class Mercedes, and even better it comes with capped price servicing for the first 50,000 kilometres! But - and I really don't want to rain all over your shiny Merc, but have you considered the pricing structure once you've hit 50,001 kms? Or that you most likely won't be able to take it the family mechanic as your new baby needs a mechanic that has dedicated his entire career to the Mercedes brand. Early on in my career, I worked for a high end car dealership and eventually lost count of how many people nearly fainted when it came time to pay the bill. And with this in mind, it brings me to my next big tip...

2. Parts pricing and availability

Did you know a headlight for the newest Toyota Hilux retails for almost a crazy $2,000.00?! You might think eh, that's why I have insurance. Which is very true, but most insurance doesn't cover breakdown or general wear and tear. There is also availability to consider, did you know if you need to replace a key for your BMW it can take upwards of six weeks? Do yourself a favour and ask your salesman to speak to the spare parts guys, it only takes a minute and it may save you months of bumming lifts from your Mum while your car is in the shop.

BMW F15 X5 key hob

3. Test drive

You've ran the figures, you've checked the warehouse out and services are reasonable enough. So the next step is JOY RIDE - um I mean test drive like the responsible adult you are.

A test drive should be about whether the car will suit all your needs, big and small. Adjust the seat, adjust the mirrors and then adjust the seat again. Don't like the curved mirror glass, check to see if it can be swapped out for a flat option. You should take the vehicle for more than just a quick lap around the block, why not try your normal work route? Have you checked to see if you can shut the hatch door easily - laugh all you want, but my favourite thing about the X3 was that the hatch could be programmed to stop at a height that I could still reach.

4. Research, research, research

Safety ratings are super easy to look up and it takes just minutes to google "Mazda CX-5 reviews", this is where you'll find the best and most obscure information. Resale and depreciation is also handy when you just cant decide between the Ranger and the Hilux. Research can also help you get the most out of your deal; thank you Google gods!

5. Insurance

The hands have shaken, the contracts signed, time to put the pedal to the metal! Hold up there lightening; did you sort out your insurance first? Trust me when I tell you there is nothing more devastating than quoting a car that didn't even make it down the road from the dealership. Except maybe when they follow it up with, "I didn't insure it yet".

Remember if you're unsure ask someone you trust. Your repairer will be able to help with parts and insurance queries, call your local mechanic and ask his opinion on the car you're thinking about. Ask your friends what they think. Most importantly, happy car hunting!

Do you have any tips that should be added? What was your experience with car shopping? Let us know!

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